Thursday, 3 March 2011

Immediate Action: Soldiers Use Toilets, Too

We're broadening our horizons in more than one sense during our sojourn into the East. A thrilling book called Immediate Action, by Andy McNab, has come our way, offering a tantalizing view into the British Army's use of toilet roll as motivation:

There were...other bonuses [to doing a tour in Northern Ireland]. One, we got 50p extra per day, and two, we got soft toilet paper instead of the hard stuff in UK garrisons. It was actually dangled as a carrot during training: 'Remember, it's soft toilet rolls over the water.'
(Corgi Books,1995, p. 50)

We are amazed, but not surprised, at this typical instance of British eccentricity. Are you amazed?

Image from Principiadialectica

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  1. "It's about bloody time some proper toilet reporting was done! Thanks a lot" A McNob.


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