Monday, 25 July 2016

Plus Ça Change - On Clutching One's Head and Crossing One's Fingers

Change. It happens all the time, whether we want it or not. Some changes are universal, like for instance the ageing process. Inevitable and merciless, it keeps happening on the sly, slowly but inexorably, until one day one realises that actually, one is not 25 any more and can't drink that amount of wine without spending the next day clutching one's head and wishing for death, or quietly has a heart attack one morning when looking in the mirror and wondering who that rabid old hag with the beard is, only to conclude that it is the reflection of one's actual face.

Other changes are more specialised, like realising that you are the kind of person who takes pictures of toilets. Many of our contributors have commented on this phenomenon. The latest person to experience this very specific trauma is Meandering Friend, who sent us this invigorating stream-of-consciousness commentary on a picture of a urinal (as usual, in case you are too hungover to want to practise your colloquial Swedish, an English translation follows):

Vet inte om det är lite FÖR... Men är det något för bloggen? Svårt att veta
Vidare läsning gav att de små färgglada plupparna på gallret är någon slags doft-kompositer
Okänt för oss obehängda
Usch det är en förjävlig bild nu när jag kollar igen
Uuuu kanske skippa? Kommentaren var dock lite kul... "detta må vaere en nord-Trönder"
Ok anyhow... Cheerio på dig - hörs och ses! 
(Don't know if this is a bit TOO... But is it something for the blog? Hard to know
Further reading revealed that the small colourful blobs on the grid are some kind of scent composite
Unknown to the uninitiated
Urgh, it's a bloody awful picture now I look at it again
Ummm, maybe skip it? Though the comment was quite fun - "detta må vaere en nord-Trönder"*
Ok anyhow... Cheerio - see you soon!)
*The comment is in Norwegian

A Norwegian (?) urinal! What everyone is of course wondering, is what kind of contacts Meandering Friends has on Facebook.

Many changes are taking place at the Privy Counsel at the moment. Two of our members started, for instance, a blog devoted solely to sexism. (Yes, we know. A blog without a single toilet picture - weird!)  The accompanying Twitter account indulges in their wildest pick-up-line-related fantasies, and is rather a hoot if you have the energy.

Feisty French Friend is embarking on a rather huge adventure, and we look forward to many exciting toilet pictures from her new abode!

Shewee Fiend Friend has a new cat. The cat, we are happy to say, enjoys huddling next to the toilet, just like we do after drinking too much wine. Actually, speaking of cats, and wine, a recent acquaintance of ours, a young lady who likes pretending that she is either a cat or a dog, recently asked us if she could taste our wine. On us explaining that wine is only for grown-ups, and not suitable for three-year-olds, said lady launched forth the theory that cats have to drink wine, as otherwise they get sick and die. We look forward to spending a lot of time with this ragingly intelligent girl when she is old enough to drink.

A sympathetic cat, huddling behind the toilet.
Shewee Fiend Friend would like to clarify that
"That's not mold, just old crumbly paint. I checked. The apartment is old".

Other friends are launching into various new adventures. Adventures are exciting, obviously, but can lead to a lot of anxiety, hair-tugging, and accidental over-consumption of alcohol. Fear is a perfectly rational response to many human experiences, and quite often one finds oneself wishing that one was small enough to be able to huddle behind the toilet, not in plain sight next to it. However, here is a reminder that you can learn to fly on the way down. Go ahead, leap! (And remember that ultimately, everything you do is futile. The universe is a vast and terrifying void, containing one tiny speck of dust to which we are clinging, and ultimately destroying. We are, essentially, short-sighted monkeys with computers. Now relax, and stop giving a fuck. Have a drink, maybe.)

Festive Video - Maddie & Tae, Fly

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