Monday, 20 February 2012

A Rapturous Who-Dunnyt from Australian Friend

 Australian Friend, reminiscing over her travels round Britain last year, fondly remembers the toilets (and burgers) at Byron Burger in Haymarket, London. We remember this special friend remarking, at the time, "Just discovered the cleanest toilets in central London. Best part is that they're playing 'Land of Hope and Glory' in there".

Says Australian Friend: "This dunny was amazing. Impeccably clean, shiny, and with brand spanking new technology (the drier was superb). I fully recommend this toilet. The burgers are brilliant as well."
Althohugh this is all very stylish, we naturally cannot approve
of these perverted taps (see "Taps" and also "Rant").

This looks very much like a Cylon device and as such renders us apprehensive. Also, although Australian Friend found it "very effective", it looks like bog-standard unhygienic dryer, and not the Privy Counsel-approved kind (see "Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Loo-Roll Holders (But Were Afraid to Ask)").

Australian Friend describes this as "DELICIOUS".

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