Monday, 21 May 2012

Norwegian/Scottish Fabulousness

As you may or may not know, it was Norway's independence day last week, 17 May. Norwegians have a long history of going loco bananas on this day, to celebrate finally shedding the shackles of that evil colonial power, Sweden.  Norwegian Friend and Semi-Intellectual Friend happened to be partaking of the hilarity in an establishment called Kippie Lodge, outside of Aberdeen. And, lo and behold, the toilets were absolutely amazing!

Here's what Norwegian Friend has to say on the subject:

So I am really writing as a suggestion from our mutual friend [Semi-Intellectual Friend].
   We were at an establishment called Kippie Lodge outside of Aberdeen on Thursday, as you might know it was 17. Mai and [Semi-Intellectual Friend] came with me to celebrate the Independence Day with some other Norwegian students. [Semi-Intellectual Friend] then suggested that I should take some photos of the bathroom for you. So here it is.
   Unbleached paper, everything was very clean, neat and tidy and it smelled like lavender... So all good really...   No paper towels though, but a hand dryer that seemed fine to me but [Semi-Intellectual Friend] said that it was quote: ‘an amazing hand-dryer’. I had no idea that [Semi-Intellectual Friend] was so passionate about hand dryers...
   There was an electric bin in the cubicles... have no idea what the point of that is, I guess it’s supposed to be more hygienic, but it kinda defeats the purpose when one is on the loo, which involves a certain wiping technique.
   There was a changing table for the little ones in the ladies', but not in the guys' bathroom... I think that’s a very Scandinavian thing though that we sometimes have changing tables in the guys' bathroom too.
It was a good day, and I think [Semi-Intellectual Friend] enjoyed it too (there was food and cakes).

Looks right lovely, doesn't it?

Look how many mixer-taps there are!!!

A Privy Counsel-approved air-dryer!!!
(Read more here: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Toilet Roll Holders (But Were Afraid to Ask))

For instructions, look no further

As far as we can tell, these toilets get about a million points!

Many thanks to Norwegian Friend and Semi-Intellectual Friend!

Aberdeen Petroleum Club
Kippie Lodge
North Deeside Road
Aberdeen, AB13 0AB

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