Sunday, 17 February 2013

Thai Toilet Chart

Phew. Things got quite intense in our last post, what with all the Roman history and Teutonic intellectualism. It's Sunday night: time for some rest and levity. The Privy Counsellor said, "Let there be levity", and lo, there was levity! Semi-Intellectual Friend sent us this interesting photo, so its frivolous credentials are well established. Semi-Intellectual Friend says:
It was taken in Jurassic Park Thailand, and there are more in support but they're quite mundane really. The picture itself is nothing you haven't seen before, but I love the glee with which some of the people seem to be dancing. And apparently soiling themselves?

One can apparently have endless amounts of prohibited fun in a Thai toilet

We do enjoy anything informative. We would, however, have appreciated a supplementary chart showing what one is allowed to do in a Thai toilet.

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