Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Alpine Escapism

 We don't know if there's a heatwave where you are, but Privy Counsel HQ is fairly sweltering. We can't sleep, and people have thoughtfully infested the water at our local beach with e-coli. What to do, what to do? Well, one can always dream of cooler places - why not the French Alps? We had a look through German Friend's pictures, in a fit of escapism, and found these beauties.

Mountain toilets: peaceful solitude!

Rustic simplicity: the only reminder of the urban
hustle and bustle is German Friend's wristwatch.

Being fond of blue plastic tubes, we find this totally praiseworthy.

If you liked the look of these mountain toilets you'll be pleased to know that there are more coming! We may have mentioned that there has been a wedding among the ranks of the Privy Counsellors. This wedding, we may as well tell you, involved Intellectual Friend, who writes, from Norway:

"We might be on a honeymoon but we're not entirely idle: after a three-hour-long steep climb we have discovered a good old wooden toilet, 'upp å fjella'! High definition pics of the most idyllically situated rough toilet in Norway to follow soon! ('Soon' is NOT to be taken here in its etymological sense of 'immediately' (Old English sona).) (In fact, here it probably shouldn't be taken in its modern sense either.)"

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  1. it's German friend's dad's wrist watch. And wrist!

    1. Our best regards to German Friend's dad!


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