Sunday, 16 November 2014

Introducing Our Favourite Aunt

Bertie Wooster had a favourite aunt. Her name was Dahlia, and she enjoyed fox-hunting and French cuisine. We, too, have a favourite aunt. Our aunt enjoys, among other things, archaeology and strident feminism. She has many good qualities and is engaged in many laudable pursuits, but the foremost of her achievements, the crème de la crème of her activities, is undoubtedly her recent decision to send us a toilet photo from Rome.

Our aunt is rampantly intellectual and is well-versed in many subjects, but has hitherto been strangely inactive in the fertile field of toilet photography. It is our pleasure to introduce her very first contribution to this exciting discipline.

Toilet in the near vicinity of the Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome

View from the Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome
We have more pictures of Roman toilets, along with a spirited critique of Italian plumbing, from Exuberant Archaeologist Friend, coming - all good things to those who wait!

In other news,  a person who wishes to be known as "an anonymous benefactor" sent us a link to an article in the New York Times about how building toilets in India helps reduce the rate of disease, and simultaneously helps protect women from being raped or eaten by wild animals. A thousand hurrahs for sanitation!

We also have a very cheerful picture for you. Our mate Jonny is, as many of you know, a lovely dude, if a bit disgusting at times. Jonny can be a raging idiot (you know what we mean, Jonny), but we like to think that he is ever growing and developing in maturity and intellect. For instance, Jonny recently developed in the direction of taking a photo of himself looking rampantly intellectual in a toilet! This worthy achievement is totally worth a round of applause - well done, Jonny!

We can't think of anything more attractive than a lovely dude
being rampantly intellectual in a toilet. Can you?
In honour of our lovely aunt, our anonymous benefactor, and Jonny, let's have a festive video that celebrates two of our favourite things -  rampant intellectualism and strident feminism!

Festive video - Dolly Parton, Dumb Blonde

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Exuberant Archaeologist Friend has written some highly exuberant reviews of Italian toilets.

In other news:
Have you considered turning your back on mindless consumerism and instead benefiting mankind by spending a penny on Oxfam Unwrapped, WaterAid,  or ToiletTwinning? Or why not donate to Amnesty International, or your local women's shelter?

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