Thursday, 8 January 2015

A Pub Near the British Library

Back in roughly August we hit a productive streak which led Semi-Intellectual Friend to suggest, rudely (and unwisely - we will most likely never cease giving him shit about this), that we were writing too many blog posts. (Right? Preposterous!) We performed some simple statistical calculations, pointing out to Semi-Intellectual Friend, in an insufferably pompous manner, that we were nowhere near reaching the same number of posts as in for instance that prolific toilet-blogging year 2012, or even 2010, our first year of Counselling, when we produced a staggering 46 posts in three short months.

Considering that we published a post only yesterday, we imagine that Semi-Intellectual Friend might be feeling a little nervous right now, and not only due to his upcoming viva. However, dear Semi-Intellectual Friend, there is really no need to worry about this. If you knew how much rum-drinking dissipation we've got planned for 2015, you would be reassured that we will be far too fragile both mentally and physically to generate a staggering abundance of bog blog posts.

On that note, let's have some photos that Shewee Fiend Friend sent us recently! The message accompanying the pictures said, cryptically:
Purple and pink. The whole bathroom was these crazily aggressive pastel colours

Our reply went along the lines of, "But the graffiti - YES! YES! YES!", to which Shewee Fiend Friend replied, in a less exuberant vein, "In a pink bathroom! So incongruous!". On us asking where the photos are from, we were told they were "by the British Library".

We conjectured - correctly, as it turns out - that the photographs were from a pub. However, we like to have a bit more information to give our readers, so we asked if she might remember the name of the pub. Shewee Fiend Friend is a helpful, caring person, and accommodatingly sent us the following information:

Rising Sun

Might be that pub

Definitely a pub

I hoped the pictures would have GPS data

I was too drunk to know where we were

We reckon that's as much sense as we're going to get out of Shewee Fiend Friend for the moment.

These colours are emphatically not approved by Shewee Fiend Friend.

At Privy Counsel HQ, however, we find these colours agreeable, though the non-mixer taps, of course,
make us froth at the mouth and shout obscenities.

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Actually, we find this quite sweet - someone has actually made an effort with the décor,
even if it doesn't incorporate crazy dolls' eyes glued to the ceiling.

In other news, more than one person has alerted us to the fact that Bill Gates recently drank water extracted from human waste. (Impressive - but we will restrain our applause until the technology produces rum.) One of our informants chose to phrase the news thus: "Here is a droll story about a programmer who's gone all funny from sitting in front of a computer all day." Couldn't have put it better ourselves!

Let's have a festive video! We're pretty sure this one incorporates a lady using a Shewee:

Festive video - Toby Keith, I Love this Bar

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