Friday, 2 January 2015

A Moderately Cheerful Update

It got to the point where we considered starting one of those "good news" newspapers, just to get to hear something that didn't depress the hell out of us. You know, the kind that has articles reporting that "Edith, 83, successfully went to the supermarket without breaking her hip", or that "Arnold, 8, said something nice to his sister". But the universe saw fit to give us a break today, and so we thought we'd do a cheerful, celebratory update, to make up for all the ranting and doom.

So here, in all its glory, is Glimmingehus, a magnificent medieval manor outside Simrishamn.  We spent a delightful spring day here the other year, and were treated to an extra special guided tour, courtesy of our distinguished company from Lund University.

Glimmingehus in all its glory. Note the remains of the privies on the wall!

Close-up of the privies.

We can't remember quite what this is, but suspect that it is the fireplace in the kitchen,
the basis for the central heating system.

To be honest, babes, we don't remember why we took this photo.
No doubt we had our reasons.
Nope. No idea.

Woof! We assume that you now feel as furiously invigorated as we do!

In celebration of today's good news, we thought we'd treat you to our latest favourite song, which also functions as our new year's resolution.

Festive video - Brothers Osborne, Rum

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We also have a New Year's greeting to our female readers, from Jonny. This splendid if disgusting boy writes:
New Year, new girlfriend. I have spent many months crying myself to sleep but now I'm officially back on the market.
If you've got any hot mates show them this picture. I feel it shows I'm extreme but also still have a sensitive side. Look forward to banging all your mates. Happy New Year!!

This is not the first time we've published a glowing lonely hearts ad about Jonny, enumerating his many good qualities in no uncertain terms. Ladies! What are you doing?


  1. Your friend Jane, of rampantly intellectual blog fame, showed me your blog months ago. I've become a fan. Thanks

    1. We're delighted to have you on board! Oi, shipmate - a barrel of rum for Maureen Helen!


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