Sunday, 20 December 2015

Of Cats and Monkeys

Friends, Romans, countrymen and -women! We've got all sorts of important news and toilet pictures, but first, an announcement:


We've been quite vocal about this on social media, but nonetheless*, let us revisit some of the conversations that took place yesterday.

A very dear and rampantly intelligent friend of ours sent us this message:

We received this intriguing message...

As our regular readers are aware, we love nothing more than promoting weird blogs on social media, so we took to this project with our usual chutzpah and oomph, and asked for the link, so that we could send it out into the ether.

...and it just kept getting better!

So, finally, the address of the new cat blog on this great place called the internet is: It has many, many pictures of cats. If you like cats: congratulations!

*because we don't necessarily have that many followers on social media, and hardly anybody actually gives a stuff about what we write there. Just a few friends, and maybe five other people who clearly need to get off the internet and get a life.

We have some pictures which we are pretty sure are from a restaurant in Malmö called La Brasserie. As far as we remember, we stuffed our faces with mussels, together with some relatives, and also wrapped ourselves round a bottle of rosé, this being standard procedure in our family when we can't decide between white and red.

A most admirable coat-hook! Note the grace and elegance with which it supports a bag!

This mirror was quite stylish, if you overlook how uncomfortable it is to be able to observe yourself when on the bog.

Woof! Are you enjoying the symmetry as much as we are?

We cannot approve of this sink and mixer-tap enough! We seem to remember that the soap smelled extremely nice. Whether it was also monkey friendly is of course another matter entirely.

To see other examples of us photographing our feet on stylish floors, see for instance this post, and this one. Oh, and this one! There might be other examples, but these are the ones we can remember.

Another joyful thing that has happened recently is that a supermarket manager called Tom Svensson, in a place called Fjällbacka in Sweden, has introduced "monkey marking" to help customers choose monkey-friendly products! We have written several times about palm oil plantations, the havoc they wreak on the environment, and the devastating effect they have on populations of monkeys (for instance here, here, and here). We always do our utmost to choose products containing no palm oil, or certified palm oil, in order to maintain a monkey-friendly lifestyle!
This exemplary supermarket has a Facebook page, which one can like.

As somebody said,

I'm mongrel-bitch tired and my fist cannot form letters any more, so fuck off, my darling, and leave me alone.

But first, a festive video! We chose this video because, well, we've all been there. (The fact that Meghan Trainor is wearing a sequinned cat top is a mere lucky coincidence.)

Festive video - Meghan Trainor, Lips are Movin'

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