Friday, 22 April 2016

On the Rocks

When you have spent all your money on books and are living on oatmeal and odd-tasting budget-brand peanuts from last June, you discover a need to create your own entertainment. Luckily, an intellectual bog blog is the perfect medium for concocting diversion out of thin air and slightly creepy pictures. Friday night, here we come!

We have mentioned this bar we love, Rock'n'rollklubben in Lund, once or twice. We ventured forth the other week to hear the Belarusian band Amaroka, and also a  rockabilly band hailing from Kristianstad called the Boot Hill Ramblers. We really couldn't say what we enjoyed most - the band from Belarus, the band from Kristianstad, or the disco ball toilet!

This is not in any way intended as a slight on either band, you understand - we really do love a good toilet as much as we love a good rock'n'roll band, and this toilet was highly festive! See for yourself:

This bog is the spiritual twin of THE FAMOUS DISCO TOILET OF STAVANGER.

This sticker says "Death before dishonesty", which is a pretty good motto, as far as toilets go,
and especially a dedicated rock'n'roll toilet.

We feel safe knowing there is pleasant soap, and plenty of bog roll.

This is the other toilet at Rock'n'rollklubben. Yes! There are two toilets!

This soothing turquoise colour reminds us of an eclectic toilet we enjoyed using once on Mykonos.

Being the globe-trotting toilet connoisseurs we are, this is not the first time we have seen a chandelier in a toilet.
(We have also seen this chandelier.)

Rock'n'rollklubben has a strict policy of equal rights and freedom from harassment. This cosy candle symbolises how safe we feel at this place - not just in the toilet, but outside, too. We have never been sexually harassed or even stared at in an uncomfortable way at Rock'n'rollklubben - hurrah for people just being people!

To continue our theme of providing cheap entertainment for a Friday night, here is a greeting from Jonny, that endless source of wit and savoir-faire:

So my friend does stand-up comedy 
I asked him if he had a joke for your blog or any tips to make it funnier 
He said the trick with bathroom jokes is to let it flow naturally 
Don't faucet...

For tonight's festive video we have, rather fabulously, selected a video by Kristianstad's foremost rockabilly band, the Boot Hill Ramblers. Enjoy!

Festive Video - Boot Hill Ramblers, Rockin' Daddy

(For videos recorded at the actual Rock'n'rollklubben, there are for instance One Cup of Coffee, Sixteen Chicks, and Rockabilly Boogie.)

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