Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Café Treff, Ambleside: The Best Toilet in England!

 Café Treff is a gem of a café, situated in the centre of Ambleside. We have long regarded the toilet here as the best in the country.

We have been coming to the Lake District for years but, not being enthusiastic to the point of hysteria about trudging up hills in hail storms, pouring rain, blizzards and various other unpleasant phenomena caused by the weather gods' tantrums, we tend to end up enjoying the friendly atmosphere of this very cosy establishment instead.

The cheesy vaseline effect on the camera lens is actually caused by cold, wet weather

According to the website, the pleasant, light interior, rich in natural wood, is explained by the owners' wish to recreate the feel of an Austrian café. This is a welcome sight in a country populated almost exclusively by people suffering from a pathological inability to abstain from ruining perfectly good wood by applying a variety of ghastly stains and paints.

The toilet, like the rest of the café, is light and airy. The tiles are white and extremely clean, as indeed are the toilet and the sink.

So clean! And look - oh! joy of joys! - a mixer tap!
A laudable eco-consciousness governs the fittings: a motion sensor turns the lights on as you enter; the excellent mixer tap has a water-saving airstream, still rare in Britain; the paper towels are strong, which fact, combined with a clever dispenser, reduces the need or indeed ability to use too many; and the bin bears a notice saying the contents are recycled. All highly commendable!

An excellent paper-towel dispenser

Nappy users go home!

The soap is pleasantly scented and comes from a Katrin dispenser, like the toilet paper (which is plain white). Most Katrin products have been awarded the Green Swan eco label.

A totally gratuitous picture - pure titillation!

More gratuitousness. The design of this tap is somehow reminiscent of Battlestar Galactica!

Unfortunately there is no coat-hook, but on the other hand the door opens outwards, which means that it is easy to open without touching!

Points: 9/15

Cafe Treff
Central Buildings
LA22 9BS
Telephone 01539 431027

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  1. That is truly outstanding. The shiny white of that toilet has blinded me so much so that I can no longer ty[e oer i will stat makong speilling mistake,s.

  2. Dear Ruth,
    This is perfectly normal, and nothing to worry about. We suggest you wrap some toilet roll round your head to reduce the glare.
    Privy Counsellor


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