Friday, 7 January 2011

Royal Oak: We Revisit a Dear Old Pub with New Toilets

We have fond memories of the Royal Oak as a well-meaning but somewhat dirty old pub, and were accordingly excited when we heard that it was being refurbished, and having new toilets installed!
The pub itself looks pretty bloody fabulous, the staff are friendly, and the drinks tasty. All well and good. Considering the fabulousness of the pub, we were expecting great things of the toilets, but alas, we were disappointed.

The toilets look and smell very fancy, thanks to the über-stylish tiles and posh scent sticks. We almost leapt for joy (or maybe it was nerves, from nearly being caught taking pictures in a toilet like a common perv) when we noticed the water-saver flush, but raged impotently when we realised there is no toilet-roll holder, with the result that the toilet rolls are lying loose on top of the toilet (bad), on top of the bin (worse), or on the floor (fully-fledged horror)! The bin is covered and at a not unpleasant distance from the user, and the coat-hook is perfectly adequate.

Hygeia says no and stomps her foot!
Here's what happens when there's
no toilet-roll holder

Has a certain je-ne-sais-quois, or rather,
we know exactly what it is: an octopus!

We expected great things from the sinks, only to be bludgeoned by the baseball bat of disappointment. Why, when installing new sinks and taps, do Brits install separated ones? Why?
The soap is fine, but nothing extraordinary.

Why do British people do this?

There is nothing to dry one's hands with, except this air-dryer, which an informant tells us doesn't work. It's not possible to exit without touching the door handle.

Points: 5/15 (This saddens us. It could have been so much better!)

The Royal Oak
York, YO1 7LG

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