Thursday, 30 June 2011

Do It If You Must

We were stuck in a supermarket queue the other day, behind a lady who was buying all kinds of stuff that we find simply revolting, including Andrex toilet paper.  (As regular readers will know, we have vented our annoyance with the British obsession for soft toilet paper on a number of occasions.) At first we sniffed self-righteously and glared at the offending product, but, all of a sudden, we nearly cried out, “Well, strike us pink with a beach towel soaked in brandy!”, when we noticed that Andrex has an FSC label!  When this happened we don't know (or rather we do: it was in 2008, according to WWF), but we are quite annoyed at having lost one of our chief pleasures: complaining about how bad Andrex is for the environment.  

We hereby regretfully inform our readers that they now have our blessing if they must insist on buying Andrex toilet paper despite its revolting fluffiness.  

If you find puppies and toilet paper a palatable combination, then by all means indulge
 For information on the Andrex FSC label and pictures of adorable puppies, click here
For slightly more fact-based information from the WWF, click here.

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