Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Nunc Est Lavandum - Bath-time!

We had planned yet another delightful article about toilet paper today, but something happened that, believe it or not, entirely took our mind off cellulose and virgin fibres. It was pointed out to us that another Roman Bath has been found in York; in the civilian part of town this time.  We learn from the BBC website that it was briefly exposed by vandalising Victorians building the train station in the 19th century, but has lain undisturbed ever since. Being fans of Roman plumbing, we find this terribly exciting, and caper with unbridled joy at the thought of seeing another Roman bath!

Image from
To enjoy a soak in our post about the Roman Bath museum in York, see

Our desire to experience modern British plumbing as good as that of the conquering Romans two thousand or so years ago remains, needless to say, futile.

Thanks to Mother and Quasi-Intellectual Friend for helping us with our Latin grammar

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