Saturday, 11 June 2011

Dirty People: We Wash Our Hands of Them!

We went to the gym the other day. Going into the changing room, we were absolutely gobsmacked to see a person coming out of the toilets and walking out, as cool as a cucumber, without washing their hands! (We hardly like to think what Hygeia would say!) Our instincts urged us to grab that Neanderthal and push their head down the toilet (instincts are often unhelpful and counter-productive) but, not being the confrontational kind, we merely uttered a snide remark for the benefit of the room at large, not that anyone actually cared. We now feel dirty and not a little naive for believing that since Joseph Lister, John Snow, etc, people know better than not to wash their hands.
This observation has really not helped our burgeoning OCD.

A reminder of the NHS guidelines for handwashing:

An effective handwashing technique involves three stages: preparation, washing and rinsing, and drying. Preparation requires wetting hands under tepid running water before applying the recommended amount of liquid soap or an antimicrobial preparation. The handwash solution must come into contact with all of the surfaces of the hand. The hands must be rubbed together vigorously for a minimum of 10-15 seconds, paying particular attention to the tips of the fingers, the thumbs and the areas between the fingers. Hands should be rinsed thoroughly prior to drying with good quality paper towels.

For those who enjoy moving images, here's a video demonstrating the same:

We have also, for your benefit, hunted down some amusing but at the same time edifying information from another blog:

No go wash your hands.

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