Monday, 12 December 2011

Festive Toilet Items

The parade of fabulous toilet-related items never ends! Yesterday we admired the amazing knitted toilet. Today we gape in wonder at the festive awesomeness of this toilet calendar, accompanied by a fabulous Spın̈al Tap bunny - grazie mille, amici italiani!
If you're still struggling to think of Christmas presents for friends and loved ones, despite our various hints and tips, let us suggest this highly educational calendar!

This calendar goes up to at least eleven!

"Toilets of the World" calendar - and Spın̈al Tap bunny!

An educational look at international toilets!
 Funnily enough, this festive calendar ties in with a book that some weird recluse gave us last year: Toilets of the World, by Morna E. Gregory and Sian James (London: Merrell Publishers Limited, 2006).

An excellent read
We predict that 2012 will be a very festive year indeed!

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