Friday, 3 August 2012

Dirty Toilets and Dirtier Minds - A Nautical Theme

Intellectual Friend has, yet again, offered us a high-quality contribution. We frankly don't know what we would do without such a knowledgeable acquaintance - is there any topic this cerebral giant is not an expert on? Turns out naughty sailors' hygiene facilities are one of our expert's many favourite topics. (We've got more information on that lavoir as well, but frankly the depth of information left us exhausted and incapable of anything more strenuous than posting dirty pictures.)

Faced with such a staggering number of baffling photos, we at first meant to perform some kind of cull, in the interests of decency and intelligbility, but our mind was, frankly, boggled, and we were left incapacitated (spot a theme, anyone?). So here are all the pictures.

(Due to the peculiarities of Intellectual Friend's intellectual-but-not-very-practically-minded phone, or perhaps, dare we suggest, due to alcohol consumption, the photos are somewhat vertically challenged.)

Intellectual Friend says:

This is a place in Toruń, Poland, one risks ending up in when all pubs are packed with carousing Torunians on Christmas nights (yes, this is a stale, over 6 month old toilet report!). It's a spacious, fancy, locally renowned yet rather soulless, over-loud and wholly un-Christmassy bar. Despite a vaguely suggestive name - Lizard King - there are no dragons about; one surmises it's just some nerdy underground musical reference or whatever.

Nonetheless, it sports an armoured submarine bathroom, with bolts and portholes and metal and all! Which doesn't preclude the usual political and anatomical wall messages (here largely overlapping categories): one spots, for instance, the prominent word
dupa ("arse") with its classic feminine ending in -a, or an address to Mr Tusk, the PM, metaphorically accused of being a highly disreputable woman via the equally feminine word kurwo whose ending -o indicates the vocative case.

However, for those less linguistically-minded, almost all the available walls also display eye-catching above-average toilet wall art. One would have liked to know what the ladies' bathroom had to offer in that respect, but due to the lack of female volunteer photographers in our party, one knows it not.

Lizard King
 ul. Kopernika 3 
87-100 Toruń

Many thanks for this informative contribution, Intellectual Friend. The toilets look clean, too, if not in a spiritual sense.

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