Sunday, 18 December 2011

Jolly Japes in Japan

We mentioned a favourite book of ours, a gift from a wildly amusing but regrettably hermitic friend, in our last post. Turns out it is available in website form:! The toilet we enjoyed reading about the most was in Tokyo, at the Ten & Chi Lemina Building.

Image from the applewithmanyseedsblog
Watch the weirdness!

Toilet weirdness of this magnitude thrills and delights us in previously unimaginable ways! (One does what one can to get thrills on a Sunday evening when one has run out of chocolate.) Japanese toilets in general fascinate, amuse and delight us - if you happen to be a toilet philantropist with money to spare, funds for a field trip would be most welcome!

Other Asian countries likewise excel in toilet-related weirdness.

Image from matadorweirdness
 For instance, the Modern Toilet Restaurant chain in Taiwan is wholly toilet-themed, to the point of serving poo-shaped food in little urinals! Delightful!

Image from

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