Monday, 9 January 2012

The Inn at Hawnby

 And it came to pass that on Boxing Day, we went for a walk in the Yorkshire countryside with some friends in the vain hope of resetting the calorie/exercise balance. A pint in a charming Inn afterwards balanced us nicely.

The standard cautionary sign. Sigh. When will they learn?

Soap and lotion!

Carpet - how plush! And unsanitary!

Charmingly, a towel was provided as well as an air-dryer.

The scenery around Hawnby

Enjoying a pint at the Inn. (If you meet these people, run for your life.)
 How many points did the bog in this charming country inn get, then? Five, but unfortunately we had to deduct one for the carpet - too unsanitary for words! Hygeia is in a rest-home receiving intravenous drugs until her nerves recover!

The Inn at Hawnby
Hawnby, Nr. Helmsley,
North Yorkshire, YO62 5QS
Telephone 01439 798202   

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