Thursday, 12 January 2012

Toilet-Related Celebrities

We've been rather wholesome lately, and now have an itch for some celebrity toilet images. Our recent forays into Google hyperspace have luckily given us a fine harvest of weird and disturbing pictures and facts, for your edification and delight.

The night before her wedding, Kate Middleton stayed in a disturbingly vulgar and tasteless suite in some hotel or other. Poor Kate didn't even get mixer taps in the bathroom! However, she at least had the comfort of being able to do her business in a genuine Crapper toilet, the Venerable! Lucky, lucky girl! The Sun did a revolting, sycophantic reportage on the suite and its toilet which you can, if you wish, read here. The pictures are copyrighted to the fifth dimension, but luckily we are rather resourceful and found you a picture of an identical toilet here!

The Venerable - fit for a princess
In other, related, news, Tori Spelling has been promoting Thomas Crapper Day, nobody seems entirely sure why. But here she is, posing with her husband and some puppies. Read all about this exciting event here.

Squeezing out some enthusiasm
We found this picture funny.

Well, that scratched our celebrity itch nicely!

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