Friday, 22 June 2012

Exploding Toilets!!!

Exploding toilets! You simply haven't lived till you've sat on one!
In certain parts of the world Midsummer is celebrated today. We'd like to add to the festivities by sharing an amusing tale about exploding toilets!

Read the story here.

For some reason it's never occurred to us to google the words "exploding toilet" before, but there is an endless amount of mirth-inducing anecdotes out there!
Read another amusing, if tragic, story here.
Here's another one.

Exploding toilets - an unexpectedly amusing phenomenon!

Many thanks to Driving Instructor Friend for the tip! (If you need a driving instructor in London with nerves of steel and a dry sense of humour, email us at, and we'll pass on his details!)

Plumbing can be dangerous. Image from this site

Happy midsummer, and be careful what you put in the toilet!

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