Friday, 1 June 2012

Cowering in Copenhagen

Kind friends took us out on a bit of an adventure last night, to experience new bars and, subsequently, new toilets. It was epic: we found mixer taps and lovely soap! The pictures will have to wait, however, until such a time as we're not a) hungover, and b) rushing back and forth like idiots, trying to get important stuff done. (Be prepared to wait.) In the meantime, let's look at some Danish toilets! No, actually, let's go off on a tangent first.
For some reason every single Danish person we know is frighteningly intellectual. We don't know why that should be, but mentally cower a little bit in the face of their hideous intellectual powers and weird language. This is probably the reason why, according to Danish Friend (the same one, incidentally, who took the picture of the Mordor-esque public toilet in Finland - the one that's famous for its Finno-Ugric negative suffix), Danes are obsessed with toilets. Absolutely obsessed. So, here's an article on public toilets in Copenhagen, with lovely pictures. If you don't understand Danish, use Google translate or just find a comfortable position in which to cower in shame.

You might also find it interesting to know what Danish people do in public toilets. 3 per cent sleep, and 27 per cent use toilet paper to touch things. Fascinating.

We like copper pipes, and Danes do them well, it would seem

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