Wednesday, 11 July 2012

We Go Underground

We received an email.

"Yes!" it read. (We just love messages that begin with "Yes!" They communicate such a positive, forceful attitude, don't you think?) "And [American Friend with the Cool Hair] might pop along too at some point if that's not a problem - you are in demand right now...
So - there is a very nice new bar opened underground which sort of resembles a Swedish sauna - fancy that?"

We replied saying "Zounds, yes!" or words to that effect, and off we went. The bar turned out to be called Sotano, and is situated right between Kennedy's, whose toilets we have reviewed before, and The Fort, a chic hotel.
It was a good night. The beer came in schooner glasses. Everyone's hair looked extremely cool. The toilets were excellent. Yes!

Rarely do we get the chance to feast our eyes on such a shiny toilet

Purists will argue that this is not a mixer tap since it doesn't offer a variety of water temperatures,
but the temperature on offer is still a pleasant one

Observant readers will have spotted that this is the same fragrant soap-and-lotion combo
as that supplied in Kennedy's

A stylish and functional coat-hook - we like!

Travel Fairy and [American Friend with the Cool Hair] enjoying their schooners

Et voilà, 13 points!


  1. sótano - Spanish for basement. They really thought that one through! Shame about the missing accent, but hey.

  2. Alas, one cannot have everything. Let's have a beer and drown our missing-accent-related sorrows!

    1. the accent is on beer - yaiy! That's a deal, Counsellor.


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