Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Stalking, Part II

Luckily our generous relatives have two bathrooms, to allow us more scope for creepy stalking. Imagine a hunter, who's been idly taking potshots at tame, fluffy rabbits in an enclosed space, suddenly being let out on the savannah among the wild animals. That's how we felt. Scary stuff. Here are the results:

A scene of unbridled domesticity

We're all in favour of having two sinks. It significantly reduces the risks of hygiene-related conflicts; indeed, scientific studies show that adding an extra sink to your bathroom may reduce toothbrush-in-the-eye stabbing incidents by as much as thirty-four per cent

We're always in favour of bidets, as well. And black toilet seats.

Phwoarr, and comic books!

Gratuitous tap leching

Dornbracht taps are like the [insert favourite car brand] of plumbing!

Final verdict? Hurrah!

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