Saturday, 20 October 2012

A Note on Desperate Measures

We had planned a tasteful update with stunning pictures of beautiful toilets with mixer-taps and wrought-iron toilet-roll holders, of such refinement and allure that it brought actual tears to our eyes. But it will have to wait. Something came up.
A friend's announcement that she's considering moving to London, exposing herself, her husband, and their small child to the dangers of non-integrated taps, reminded us of the need for public information on this subject. Luckily, there is an excellent public information video available. Seriously, people. This information could save your life.

Armed and dangerous. Do not approach. Image from Youtube
 Also, as our friend the Assistant Curator at the Roman Bath Museum in York (see all posts related to this friend here) never tires of saying, there are solutions involving soda bottles. It's a desperate measure, but has been known to work.

Mixer tap made from plastic bottle. Image from Persistent Inappeasable Mind
View more solutions here. Do try this at home if circumstances require it, but be careful, and remember the advice from the video above.

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