Saturday, 27 October 2012

Bykrogen: Rustic Cheer

 One of our favourite haunts ever is situated right in the middle of the mud-rich void that is north-eastern Scania, in southern Sweden. The muddy fields in this part of the world are conducive to potato-growing, and the little village of Österslöv was once home to a starch factory. However, luckily for us, the factory is now an inn, known as Bykrogen. This cosy joint, rich in good food and hearty cheer, offers the stuffed-to-bursting-point guest very enjoyable toilets in which to take momentary refuge from frantic eating, drinking, and insane-relatives-endurance. There are two different toilets, one of which is disability-adapted; here's a happy jumble of pictures from both. (N.b. We have also procured pictures, at a hideous price, from the highly snazzy conference hotel next door. Visit us tomorrow for a gander!)

Mixer-taps, cleanliness and paper towels: we like everything

How funky is the colour of this soap!

Bykrogen thoughtfully supplies toilet-related literature for their guests
to peruse while enjoying the toilets

One feels completely safe and at ease knowing there is an emergency button within easy reach

The disabled toilet: How comfy does this look!

At Bykrogen, they are quite keen on friendly, cosy graffitti

Haaargh! We like!

Everyone likes elephants, right?

More friendly graffitti

A muddy void: You'll find Bykrogen in the middle of this. Image from Bykrogen
 We were far too muddled by drink to worry about points. Here's how to get to this excellent place:

Bykrogen Österslöv
Lövens väg 30
291 94 Kristianstad
+46 (0)44 226000
How to get there by bus

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