Friday, 28 December 2012

Post-Christmas Stupor, Part II

Oh, dear. We've got so many lovely, lovely pictures to create simply spiffing updates from, but we have been so busy grappling a bottle of gin in a hotel bar with James Bond, that we simply do not have the energy. Hence we're pulling a very cheap trick and simply posting a link to an old post! Believe us, though, it's a corker of a story! Hurrah, a Christmas mystery: Just what one needs to pass that awkward time between Christmas and New Year's, when one has started feeling guilty about eating too much but not yet found the motivation to snap into shape like a lean, teenage greyhound (to quote one of our favourite authors)! Behold:

A Christmas Mystery: The Mysterious Case of the Curse at Crapper Castle, or, Put a Lid on It, or, No Shit, Sherlock


No Shit, Sherlock: a corking mystery!

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