Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Uzbekistani Delight

Oh dear, oh dear. Toilet blogging is a strange hobby. We live in constant expectation of hitting the wall and having nothing more to say about toilets. But somehow, something interesting always turns up in life's great sewer. What with our constant vigilance, our recent sponsored research trip, and our various friends being so very busy travelling all over the world and suffering from anxiety disorders left, right, and centre, we actually have more blog material than we quite know what to do with! We thus have the pleasure of suffering the exquisite anguish of having to pick one fabulous set of pictures out of many fabulous sets of pictures. We decided to start with German Friend's long-anticipated pictures from Uzbekistan! This little series bears the charming title Builders' Delight.

German Friend says:
A wonderfully honest and humble shack at the street-facing side of a building site. Next to our hotel in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. Sponsored by the local brew and the flies loved it.

Mmm, beer!

Another titillating angle

A hole in the ground and a couple of planks: simple, but functional

Rudimentary, but ever so functional!
Many thanks, German Friend! We look forward to your next holiday with unbridled joy!

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