Sunday, 2 December 2012

Advent Adventures: A Revolutionary New Look at the Best Toilet in England

We had planned an update full to the brim of riotous weekend hilarity and hijinks, but, suddenly remembering that today is Advent Sunday, we chose instead to share some serene seasonal ambience. Taking a radical step in a hitherto unexplored direction, we're showing the exterior of a building containing an excellent toilet, rather than the toilet itself. (Enjoy it while it lasts.) Here is a picture of Café Treff in Ambleside, home of the Best Toilet in England.

Ambleside by night: gobsmacking, jaw-dropping picturesqueness.
Image from Café Treff's Facebook page - we hope they don't mind us borrowing it.
You can naturally still view the famous interior of the Best Toilet in England, if you wish. Here, for instance.

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Cafe Treff
Central Buildings
LA22 9BS

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