Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Joy in the Morning, Afternoon, and Well into the Night: Caitlin Moran in a Bathroom

We have had occasion to quote, in a previous post, P. G. Wodehouse's Bible paraphrase "Joy, joy, joy in the morning and joy, joy, joy in the afternoon". Well, prepare to clap your hands in unbridled joy again, 'cause we're up to our eyeballs in fabulousness!
We are thrilled to have discovered, probably by accident (our memory being overloaded, we honestly can't remember what the hell we were googling when we found it), a video with Caitlin Moran IN A BATHROOM! Oh, joy of joyous joys, spring must finally be on its way if fabulous things are allowed to happen in this unrestrained manner! We are extra pleased to have figured out the video function on this blog interface thingummajig, since it allows us to encase Caitlin Moran in a possessive, we-knew-about-her-first, hands-off-she's-ours kind of way. Anyway, enough verbal diarrhoea, here's the video of Caitlin Moran IN A BATHROOM:

God, wasn't that just fabulous? Well, quite! And guess what? THERE'S MORE:

Since the above videos feature a celebrity in a bathroom, we're taking the liberty of putting the label "Privy-Counsel Pin-Up" on this post, the current definition of a Privy Counsel Pin-Up being, as regular readers will be aware, "a picture of a celebrity in the bath. Any celebrity, any bath. We're not picky". Also, we reckon our Pin-Ups boast a fair amount of gender equality, and gender equality and fabulousness are what Caitlin Moran is all about!

Oh, joy! Caitlin Moran being a kick-arse feminist - in a bathroom!
Image from img.youtube.com

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