Saturday, 13 April 2013

Mood Stockholm: Flabbergasting Plushness

Sometimes one finds oneself with an inordinately large pile of non-toilet-related work that just won't go away no matter how much one ignores it. Watching trashy tv may bring temporary oblivion, and waving bottles of tequila around may also divert one for the moment, but eventually one finds oneself in the unpleasant position of not being able to procrastinate any longer. How extraordinarily lucky, then, that one's friends kindly provide one with distractions in the form of toilet pictures!!! Tally-ho, here we go:
A friend of ours chose, for unknown reasons, to go to Stockholm. While there, he happened to stroll into the Mood mall, and, while he was it, happened perchance to stroll right into the toilets. And extremely lovely they were! Behold, a vision of lusciousness and finesse to rival the very decadence of Babylon!

Well, we never! The sumptuousness of this lizard-skin-esque
sink fairly takes our breath away! We suspect that the soap smells seriously nice.

It gets even more opulent: these bombastic mirrors are truly
the crowning glory of these magnificent facilities!

Don't despair if the ritzy opulence of these facilities leave you feeling exhausted:
a swanky sofa is thoughtfully provided for those in need of a moment's rest and reflection.

The choice of colour is perhaps unfortunate,
but one can't help but mentally applaud it.

 Should you wish to visit these positively palatial toilets, there are clear directions for how to get to the mall on the website, and, best of all, there is a floorplan that tells you how to get to the toilets!

Mood Stockholm


  1. I'm about to write a blog post about one of the bathrooms in this mall and I LOVE that such a post already exists! Don't worry, I'll be covering a different commode. But this was a delightful read.

    1. We are delighted to hear that there is widespread appreciation of these truly magnificent toilets.


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