Monday, 1 April 2013

Parts of the Privy Counsel Go to a Party

Parts of the Privy Counsel have been out gallivanting again, twisting the night away and generally imbibing unhealthy amounts of alcohol. In the process we came across a simply spiffing bathroom! We'd like to take this opportunity of apologising to the girls who desperately needed the loo and couldn't get in because we were taking our sweet time admirin' and photographin'. Get your priorities right, babes!

Hygiene instructions from somebody calling themselves Drätselkammaren,
an indication that the bathroom we're in is in an old-school Swedish block of flats.
Our favourite instruction is Iakttag största renlighet - "observe strict cleanliness". Right-ho, guv.

Twee toilet paper quote in Danish.

Twee toilet paper quote in Swedish.

Twee toilet paper quote in Danish, part II.

Amazing toilet paper roll holder with lion's head!

Very clean sink with (of course) mixer tap.

The toilet was black and white - how stylish!

We love stripy towels!

This mirror reminds us of our celebrity friend's bathroom.

We seem to remember that the lock on the toilet door broke, and that the toilet acted as receptacle for superfluous stomach contents at least once! In other words, it was an excellent party, and a spiffing time was had by all!

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