Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Metaphorical Vitamin Injection

Lots of people have been feeling under the weather recently, which is why we have taken it upon ourselves to cheer everyone up. We took a medium-sized jaunt to the National Museum of Copenhagen recently, with Intellectual Friend, which left us feeling refreshed and invigorated. We found the archaeological artefacts at least as interesting as the toilets, and so we're including photos of both! Consider this a concentrated dose of awesomeness! Danish toilets and hygiene-related archaeological finds: just what the doctor ordered!

The toilets at the National museum of Denmark.
We couldn't imagine better ones!

If there is such a thing as "bog-standard awesomeness", then this is it.

Paper towels and a hygienically covered toilet-roll holder!
This is where we collectively purr like a contented kitten:
Purr, purr, purr.

Lots of places seem to have a problem with paper towels
blocking up the plumbing.

Here's where it gets really exciting!
The metal objects are hygiene implements found in a Viking age grave.
The glass vessel indicates that the grave belongs to a person
of high social status. In other words, these are posh toilet articles!

Close-up of fabulous tools! Read more about Viking hygiene here.

There, does that feel better? We hope you're feeling rejuvenated and intellectually stimulated. In case you're not, though, here's a little gem from Twitter that made us chortle to no inconsiderable extent the other day:
"When life gets you down, try referring to something as a 'sweet-ass X', but move the hyphen along. Right now I'm enjoying a sweet ass-coffee."

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