Thursday, 16 May 2013

We Contemplate How to Get Jake Gyllenhaal into a Ladies' Toilet

A greeting from Australian Friend today - "As seen in the ladies' toilets at Melbourne University library". We're posting this in all haste, in between our non-toilet-blogging duties, so we'll have to manage without an in-depth analysis. However, Australian Friend's pithy comment says it all, really (note the totally rad Aussie substitution of plural s for z):
Things have changed since the feminist dayz of my undergrad youth!

Graffiti reply says, "Well[,] I don't see how we're gonna
get Jake Gyllenhaal into a ladies' toilet[,] but ok..."

In order to cheer up our Australian friends, we'd like to point out that in our experience it's actually very easy to get a gentleman into a ladies' toilet. All it takes is liberal consumption of alcohol! If your selected gentleman proves reluctant, dangle a well-filled hipflask in front of him, and you're sorted. We don't have any experience with gentleman actors from Hollywood, but with ordinary mortals this method is well-documented.

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