Sunday, 12 May 2013

In Which We Indulge in Poetry and Out-of-Context French Expressions

 We at the Privy Counsel have souls which are nothing if not overflowing with poetry. Spring has arrived at Privy counsel HQ, and birds are flapping and tooting, and flowers stretching lasciviously, all over the place. While out giving the Privy Counsel constitutions some refreshing exercise, gracing the lanes and alleys with our elegant forms in harmonious motion, we happened upon these handsome bird-cherry blossoms. Did they remind us of something? Did they ever! We think you'll agree that the colours match exactly those of the tasteful toilets below. We came across these agreeable facilities while enjoying some very rock'n'roll wedding festivities in France last year. (N.b. these are not the same toilets that Australian Friend broke.)

The scent of bird cherry is rather a favourite of ours

See what we mean about the colours? Un peu mon neveu!

Hubba!  Les bras nous en tombent!

La vache! Great, n'est-ce pas!
We won't bother you with trifles like points on a beautiful day like today (also we were very hungover at the point of use and remember very little of the experience except that we noted that there being soap was an advantage) - off you all go and cavort with the birds and the bees! Pas piqué des hannetons!

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