Wednesday, 6 November 2013

More Cinematic Action with Bogsley Hansson Friend

As we have mentioned once or twice before, a toilet blogger's life is usually pretty much as far from glamorous as it is possible to get. Today is no exception, except in the sense that we are, if possible, having an even less glamorous day than usual. We won't reveal what we're actually doing, for fear of upsetting sensitive readers; let us content ourselves with saying... No, better not. Anyway, we thought that, since we're being so completely unglamorous as to be positively repulsive, we might as well go the whole hog and do a post on a really, really, really unglamorous toilet! Voilà, courtesy of Bogsley Hansson Friend: the Seven Gables cinema in Seattle.

Bogsley Hansson Friend says:
"Men's room at the Seven Gables cinema in Seattle.
Not so impressive and very basementy which is where it is."

"The much nicer all-access bog on the main floor with flowers!"
N.b. this is the bin, not the actual bog. Thank you very much
for your dirty-minded observations, Obsessive Emmerdale Fan Friend.

"Bog flowers."

We do enjoy handwashing instructions!!

"Reverse shot."
Well folks, we'd better get back to our various unsavoury activities, and you had probably better go back to doing whatever it is you do on a daily basis.

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