Friday, 24 October 2014

The Lord Privy Seal Brings a Badly Needed Touch of Class. Also Monkey-Friendly Soaps.

What with having a monkey among our resident staff, our preferences in the soap department are firmly centred in the orangutan-friendly end of the spectrum. Although we love sandalwood soap to the point where we go all giddy and have to sit down and have a brandy just thinking about it, we have yet to find one made with certified monkey-friendly palm oil.

Monkey gives these products the thumbs-up!
Last time we wrote a piece on soap made with sustainable palm oil was in January 2012. You'd think the world would have hardened the fuck up and stopped destroying orangutan habitats since then. However, mankind is apparently quite prone to not hardening the fuck up, and has happily continued to kill orangutans in order to enjoy cheap microwavable popcorn, instant noodles, and washing powder. (Honestly, sometimes the fucked-up-ness of the human race makes us want to down large quantities of gin and indulge in morbid rants while waving our hands about in a thoroughly cynical manner. And we don't even like gin.)

However, we managed to procure some totally monkey-friendly soaps recently! Monkey capered with joy at the sight of them, clapped his hands and went to show them to his friend the Lord Privy Seal!
But forgive us, we haven't introduced the Lord Privy Seal yet. This honourable member of the Privy Counsel was brought round to HQ one lovely day in August by Exuberant Archaeologist Friend. Once there, he got drinking with Monkey, ended up too legless to leave, and has been with us ever since. We're very happy about this - the Lord Privy Seal adds a badly needed touch of class to our establishment!

Monkey and the Lord Privy Seal both approved hugely of our choice of soaps. We got a cinnamon, orange and clove soap from the Visionary Soap Company, which contains fairtrade oils and spices, and smells lusciously Christmassy. Feeling the need for more hygiene-inducing lovely soap, we lurched into the Body Shop and grabbed a mango soap and a satsuma ditto. These soaps are all made with sustainable, monkey-friendly palm oil - three cheers for that!

Monkey and the Lord Privy Seal approve of these lovely soaps
At the Privy Counsel we reckon that, if life hands you lemons, then make yourself a really kick-arse rum and lemon cocktail. Or, you know, eighteen. In fact, Monkey and the Lord Privy Seal have already started, out in the kitchen. We'll join them in a minute, but first, let's have a festive video! We've had this one before, but we just love this song so much we'll hear it again:

Festive video - Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars, Soda Soap

If you'll excuse us, we'd better go check on Monkey - sounds like he's getting a bit rowdy out there. What? Monkey - no! Not on the fucking stairs! If you need to throw up, go do it in the bathr... Jesus Christ.

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