Sunday, 12 October 2014

Wales Cannot Wait

We actually have several very important things (some of which are champagne-related) to be getting on with, but it appears that Wales cannot wait. Bogsley Hansson Friend, continuing his tour de force, sent us exuberant photos from what we believe is a Wetherspoon's pub in Cardiff. The message read,
So apparently this is the greatest bathroom in Cardiff. If not all of Wales and the free world. With a couple of Welsh gangstaz - Deebo and Hev-5. Deebo's publicist (Hev-5) says if this doesn't end up on the blog "it is a travesty of justice".
No, we don't understand that, either. But, being eager to avoid travesties of justice, it seemed that the need to publish the following pictures was urgent. (Also, we're as prone to procrastination as the next man. Or most probably quite a lot more.)

Very festive baskets of flowers and bright, festive lights: a promising exterior!

Eager to have the opinion of someone whose judgement we trust, we asked a friend, who is intimately acquainted with Wales, what she thinks. The evaluation read: "When I used to go there, there was an ornate fountain in the Ladies'. Couldn't say if still there as it's been a few years, sorry!"
We love how the world is so small that one can ask a friend the opinion of a particular pub toilet in Cardifff,
where another friend has just been!
Bogsley Hansson Friend claims that this is a dance-off.

Extraordinary country, Wales, what? We haven't, regrettably, been to Wales a lot, but we do have very fond memories of an afternoon spent at Tesco's in Merthyr Tydfil. Anyway, Bogsley Hansson Friend assures us that there will be more drunken photos from Wales. We can only just contain ourselves - can you?

Let's have a festive video.

Festive video - Going up to Merthyr!

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