Sunday, 17 May 2015

Jazzing Things Up in Oslo

Did we mention that sometimes we just sit and look through things that people have sent us and roar with laughter? Well, it's true.
If truth be told we do a fair amount of despairing weeping as well, due to all the uncategorised photos of anonymous and forgotten toilets that clutter our archive. At one point we might have to do a Parade of the Unknown Toilet, just to clear those ones from the depository.

Today is also a day of parades, but for different reasons! Today, you see, is syttende mai, which Norwegians celebrate for good, solid reasons which we cannot for the life of us remember, despite a very hefty education. (Just kidding.)
So we thought we'd post some festive Norwegian toilets! Audiologist Friend, reporting from the Opera House in Oslo, writes:

Konsert/operahuset i Oslo. Riktigt maffiga badrum!
(The concert/opera house in Oslo. Really bombastic bathrooms!)

We got quite confused when trying to find the location of these magnificent bogs, as there is both an opera house and a concert house in Oslo, but a quick Google search assured us that these are the facilities in the Opera House.

Luscious and disability-friendly - woof!

We love these solid-looking doors.

A vision of excellence!
If a bit brown. Did we mention we hate the colour brown?
The only kind of brown we can abide is Brownian motion.

Wasn't that magnificent! Our best wishes to the people of Norway on their Constitution Day!
Rest assured that the festive spirit will continue here at the Privy Counsel - Medievalist (With a Side Interest in Roman Archaeology) Friend sent us some highly convivial toilet photos from Singapore the other day, which we hope to be able to post very soon.

Because we are unable to imagine anything more festive than Norwegians doing the lindy hop, let's have some Norwegians doing the lindy hop.

Festive video - The Norweegies during the European Swing Dance Championships, 2013

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