Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Cracking Some Suds in Kreuzberg

Tally-ho and a spanking good evening to you, dear readers! The bird cherry is in bloom, blackbirds or similar are tweeting and flapping in the shrubberies, and we've had just enough beer to enthuse exuberantly about our recent toilet pictures from Audiologist Friend! (But not enough to cause us to spend tomorrow affectionately clasping the toilet bowl. We might give it a friendly nod, at most.)

As you might be aware, the night which is, above all others, dedicated to fire and pagan rituals - Walpurgis Eve - was celebrated recently. Audiologist Friend joined the festivities in Berlin, and indulged in the pleasures of toilet photography while she was at it. She did right to indulge. After all, das Leben ist wie ein Kinderhemd - kurz und beschissen!

This is one of those times when we are able to offer our readers a chance to practise their colloquial Swedish. As usual a translation follows below the original. Audiologist Friend writes:

Första maj-firande i Kreuzberg; Berlin bjöd på många överraskningar. En var denna - en trevlig bar mitt i Görlitzer Park där toaletten varit ett tvätteri? Eller är det bara en retro skylt som hängts upp? Trots jacket i toastolen gick det mycket bra att använda toaletten. 
(Celebrating May Day in Kreuzberg; Berlin offered many surprises. Among them this - a nice bar in the middle of Görlitzer Park, where the toilet is in an old laundry? Or maybe it's just a retro sign they've put up? Despite the cracked seat, using the toilet was a straightforward business.)

Fully signed up to the hipsterish retro laundry concept

We're calling this Stilleben with Sink, Mirror and Quite a Full Bin.

Kreuzberg toilet seats - cracking under the strain?
We embrace this social-realism take on toilet photography.
(For an even less glamorous bog, see this one photographed by Justin Townes Earle.)

As all our regular readers know, we are ardent fans of Germany (except, obviously, its inhumane and repugnant policy on prostitution), and its weird and wonderful inhabitants. One of our keenest contributors, German Friend, has been delighting us with tales about German underground bars for years! Er hat Haare auf den Zähnen, as the saying goes. We are happy that Audiologist Friend, of whom we are very fond, had a good time in Germany, of which we are also very fond (except, obviously, etc.).
Audiologist Friend has actually been very busy lately, jetsetting around several parts of the world, acing exams, and leaving gnomes and feminist treatises outside the Privy Counsel door.

Hot dog! but we were excited to find this waiting for us
when we walked through that door!
The gnome's name is Baltazar.
We are great fans of feminist treatises at the Privy Counsel. Struggling to achieve gender equality (and all other kinds of equality) in a world populated by loafer-wearing, overly-familiar-term-using, mansplaining asshats can sometimes feel like fitting wheels to a tomato - time-consuming and completely futile. It can feel, at times, like one has toted lots of weary loads, and is going to keep on toting for the foreseeable future. However, as we all know, das Ei will kluger als die Henne sein!

A reasonably intellectual member of the Privy Counsel,
showing off this joyfully rampant feminazi t-shirt saying
"Ich fänd's unanständig, keine Feministin zu sein".
(Get it here.)
There has been some rather rampant misogyny happening in our immediate vicinity recently. This nuisance must now cease! In the meantime, let's have a festive feminazi video.

Festive video - Sookee, Vorläufiger Abschiedsbrief
(Sorry, mum, we know you don't like rap. Here, watch an interesting and rampantly intellectual interview with Sookee instead. You might like it. It's in German.)

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