Monday, 14 September 2015

A Picture of Jonny Not Holding a Fruit Pie

Privy Counsel HQ is abuzz with activity! There are things happening left, right, and centre, and - on top of everything else - the bathroom tap has clapped out, leaving us comfortless and unable to satisfy our OCD tendencies.

Since we're not in the habit of asking invisible beings in the sky for favours, we can't even pray for a speedy solution.

Clearly, the only reasonable strategy for dealing with this situation is our usual practice of hard-headed denial, combined with rampant procrastination. Hence, a blog post!

Jonny sent us these pictures some time ago. He says, simply,
You're welcome.

This is a picture of Jonny in, probably, a pub toilet, making a rude gesture.
His top says "Pie till I die", which we rather suspect refers to the concept of pizza pie, as opposed to fruit pie.
This is very odd, considering Jonny has promised us a picture of himself holding a fruit pie.

This vulgar poster is possibly funny, but it might depend on how drunk one is at the moment of examination.

We don't know about you, but upon regarding some of Jonny's contributions to this blog, and also other places, we often feel - there is no other word for it - sullied. We think maybe we would all quite like a mental eyewash. Don't worry - the Privy Counsel provides!

We have the very great pleasure of introducing a new friend today. Voilà, meet Meandering Friend! This splendid friend and abettor has already featured in a blog post, but hasn't had her own pseudonym till now.

This toilet is in the Lux building at Lund University, and features a pair of festive eyes!

We also have a picture of a very fucked-up Welsh pub toilet (a contribution from Welsh Gangster Friend) to show you, but we know from experience that our readers don't respond well to being overloaded with bog material. We choose, today, to be kind to everyone's intellect, and leave the fucked-up pub toilets till another day.

Both Jonny and Meandering Friend enjoy cycling, in various ways, and today's festive video features a song we find highly amenable to cycling. Seriously, when you're stuck on a dark road in the middle of winter, with nothing but an icy headwind for company, this song will see you through. IT WILL SEE YOU THROUGH.

Festive video - Steve Earle, Down the Road

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