Sunday, 20 September 2015

An Unholy Combination

As our regular readers know, we like combining our favourite things. There was the time when we managed to combine syphilis and toilets, and there have been other times when we have combined other favourite things, like say rum and lime, or bourbon and lingonberries. Last night we combined the drinking of alcohol with a fascinating conversation with some medical students with a special interest in sex education, which is like our favourite combination ever, in the entire space-time continuum. (Normally, when you ask someone if they've heard of the latest strain of multi-drug-resistant gonorrhoea, in the north of England, they tend to look at you funny. With medical students with a special interest in sex education, however, you not only get invigorating conversation on your favourite subject, but they tell you interesting new things that you didn't know, and give the room at large an impromptu lecture on prophylactics. Amazing.)

Jonny, that ever-helpful, disgusting young person, sent us a message of extraordinary clarity. It said:

Cycling and toilets. Your two fav things.

Though this is not what we wish to lay our eyes on while drinking rum-based (and also gin-based, vodka-based and other-things-based) drinks, we must applaud Jonny's creativity, chutzpah, and roguery.

In other news, remember the festive toilet from the Lux building at Lund University that Meandering Friend sent us recently? Well, we happened to be passing Lux for intellectual and also drinking-related reasons the other night, and suddenly it struck us that the disability toilet was not only disability-hostile, but drunkard-hostile!

Look how far away the toilet-roll holder is! Unless one has massive gorilla arms, how is one supposed to REACH?
Granted, there are two other bog rolls attached to the arm supports, but what is the other bog-roll holder then FOR? What? Whattt?

To be fair, we love all of this. Love it.

Nota bene we have lots more pictures from the Lux building at Lund University. They're in the archive, with the pheasant. One day we shall grab a candle, open the oaken door, take a deep breath and a swig of whisky, and venture in there. One day.

(Anyone into psychoanalysis may ponder why we imagine our archive to be like a crypt out of The Monk. Ponder on.)

Today's festive video illustrates how we often feel when Jonny sends us pictures.

Festive video - Bruce Springsteen, I Wish I Were Blind

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