Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Life, Art, Howling

The world keeps turning, and the old maxim "Life's a bitch and then you die" remains true. How about some entertainment while we wait? 

Jonny has sent us new pictures which are not only of very high quality, but which provide a pleasingly morbid commentary on the current state of the world. This toilet, for instance, looks like it's preparing for a post-Brexit nuclear wasteland:

Woof! Check out Jonny's rakish fur jacket!

A clear contender for the Dinge mit Gesicht website! Jonny calls this work of art "Happy toilet".

The next photo is, we are reliably informed, from a supermarket toilet. The description reads almost like a bleak, acerbic haiku:
Temporary toilets in Garforth Tesco
A damn sight better than their regular ones
(Which I think are getting refurbed)

Finally, we offer this gem, captioned "Double trouble".

What can one do, except thump one's leg against the floor and howl with abandon?

Plenty of material, here, for Jonny's ever-expanding fan-base. We should, however, offer our readers some cultural refinement. Here's a contribution from Our Mum, who went, together with Our Favourite Aunt, to visit the Kosta Boda Art Hotel, in a benighted hell-hole in the dark woods of southern Sweden. If you must visit benighted hell-holes, we suppose you might at least visit one that has a good toilet. Well done.

We have reams and reams of good toilet material from various sources but, to paraphrase the poet, we're mongrel-bitch tired and our fist cannot form letters any more, so fuck off, darlings, and leave us alone.

In case you haven't seen our recent Jonny-themed meme yet, you're welcome:

Several of our friends seem, for various reasons, to be in need of break-up songs, and we have, in an attempt to be helpful, started a collection. Here's one that we rather like. It is useful, we find, in many different types of situations.

Festive Video: Whitney Rose, I Don't Want Half, I Just Want Out

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