Monday, 20 August 2012

Feeling Single, Seeing Double: Sct. Clemens Brewery, Aarhus

 Our recent sojourn in Aarhus included a visit to Sct. Clemens brewery, an excellent establishment rich in delicious beer and excellent toilets. We spent a convivial evening here involving, as far as we can remember, medieval-oriented intellectual conversation, beer, and nachos.

Sct. Clemens brewery, Aarhus. Image from Scoopergen.

 You'd have to be exceptionally thick to go to the wrong toilet. We approve of clear signage!

Feeling single, seeing double: mixer-taps, o glorious mixer-taps!

Berendsen: According to the Swedish website, they use Tork products. Tork is part of SCA,
which is one of the more environmentally friendly tissue companies. Hurrah, hurrah!

No complaints here

We naturally don't approve of the airdryer, but everything else
makes us skip and jump a fair amount

Due to consuming an excessive amount of beer with Semi-Intellectual Friend last night, we're not feeling quite inspired enough to produce high-quality, amusing content of our usual standard. If you feel cheated and crave some fun and games, take the Berendsen virtual washroom tour.

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