Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Castle Museum

A very clean, if slightly antiquated, toilet

Continuing the museum theme, today we review the toilets at the Castle Museum.  This is a delightful museum, exhibiting, among other things, a Victorian street, famous jailbirds of York, and domestic interiors from different times. The Privy Counsel especially likes the different types of toilets on display, but you'll have to contain your excitement, as we will be writing about those another day.

The museum toilets have covered loo roll holders, with plain white loo roll. The bin is covered and does not push against one. The flush is the horizontal lever type, but is nonetheless easy to turn. The coat hook is exemplary, being sturdy enough for a rucksack and having space for a bag and a coat.

An excellent coat hook
The toilets are clean, but unfortunately sport an antiquated air dryer that gives The Privy Counsel the shivers. However, the taps have push levers, with a most amusing sign showing visitors how to use them.

A most amusing sign

Nonetheless, despite the lever design giving The Privy Counsel hopes of being able to wash our hands in pleasantly warm water, we were disappointed, as there isn't any.  The soap is unscented, and gets the thumbs-up for having been awarded the Scandinavian eco label.

Exemplary soap

 It is not possible to exit without touching the door handle, and the stalls are potentially very noisy and embarrassing on a busy day.

Total points: 7/15

Visited on 21 October 2010.

York Castle Museum, Eye of York, York YO1 9RY T: +44 (0) 1904 687687

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