Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Beningbrough hall - a refined air

Picture from: http://koti.welho.com/rhurmal1/linnat2004/img0061.jpg

We report from a more cultured venue today; Beningbrough Hall.  Our first impression came in a blinding flash, as a photo sensor switched on the lights!  Very impressive.  A sign warned us politely not to block the drains, as they are “historic”, which would normally be a bad thing but which, in these august surroundings, seems impressive.

The toilet roll is plain white, hygienically encased in a holder. The bin, likewise, is hygienically covered and doesn't press against one. The flush is the traditional horizontal lever, which is averagely awkward to pull.  The coat hook is satisfactory.

The taps are rather exciting, being of a kind of trough design, and reflect the enormous numbers and herd-like mentality of visitors on a busy bank holiday.  A giant plus for the photo sensors, but a minus for the amount of water wasted when there is only one visitor.  The soap has a very pleasant scent, but there are only air dryers.  It is not possible to exit without touching the door handle.

Total points: 9/15

Beningbrough Hall and Gardens
Beningbrough, York, North Yorkshire YO30 1DD
Telephone: 01904 472027

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