Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Yorkshire Museum


The Yorkshire Museum was reopened in August after extensive renovations. As is becoming well known, the museum itself has caused widespread disappointment and depression among medieval scholars. However, the new toilets are a joy to behold, and warm the heart of a cynical toilet critic.

Starting with the toilet itself, it has a water-saving flush, which is easy to operate without strong mechanical force. The loo roll holder is hygienically covered, and the toilet roll is plain white. There is a coat hook inside the cubicle, which is sturdy enough for a rucksack. The bin is clean and doesn't press unpleasantly against the thighs when sitting down. The cubicle is very clean. 
Moving on to the tap, it  is photo-cell operated. The water is pleasantly warm. The soap doesn't have a pleasant scent, being unperfumed, but perhaps that is all to the good, bearing our allergic friends in mind. There are only air dryers.  On the whole, the toilets are extremely clean and pleasant. It is not possible to exit without touching the door handle.

Points: 11/15.

Visited 18 October 2010.

Yorkshire Museum & Gardens, Museum Gardens, York, YO1 7FR T: +44 (0) 1904 687687

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