Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Blue Bicycle: A Semi-Intellectual Bike Ride!

Finally, the photos we've all been waiting for in a nail-biting state of frenzied agony: Semi-Intellectual Friend's photographic journey through the toilet at the Blue Bicycle restaurant!
We always like to quote our guest contributors, to give the reportage that certain je ne sais quois flavour and colour, so here's what Semi-Intellectual Friend has to say about his work:

I'm not sure what you normally look for in a toilet photo, so apologies if I've got the angle all wrong, but I took quite a few. Quantity beats quality every time. Its a classy joint though. I like the towels. (Decency meant that my focus was turned pretty much exclusively toward the male toilet. Alice spoke highly enough of the female equivalent though, when prodded forcefully enough for an opinion.)

Gaaaah! Separated taps! But lovely-looking soap AND hand-lotion - hurrah!

Paper towels (recycled, we hope) hygienically and stylishly stacked away from the toilet.
The bin appears to be at a most comfortable distance from the bog visitor.

A close-up of the paper towels, and the toilet paper,
which is likewise stored at a hygienic distance from the toilet.

Everything looks clean enough, but we are saddened to spot
a disability-hostile lever flush and uncovered toilet paper in the same picture.

Oooh, a wall of fame, and an incredibly vulgar bust of Marilyn Monroe - we feel compelled to applaud this! One is certainly in good company while enjoying the use of this toilet! But what is that horrendous British-looking attempt at ventilation? We bet you it doesn't work.

We enclose this extra view of Marilyn and the mirror, because Semi-Intellectual Friend was clearly so pleased at having managed to take this picture without showing up in the mirror.

 If you liked this reportage, you will rejoice to know that Semi-Intellectual Friend may well return one day, and do another one! Here's what S-I F has to say on the subject of toilet photography in York:

Still, I might visit York for the Airblade dryers. I feel I can be honest with you that they might be one of my favourite things in the whole entire world. Do you have a spy camera for your toilet exploits? Or is carrying that sort of thing into a toilet steering too close to doing something that might be mistaken for a deportable offence? Reading back through this paragraph, it seems a bit too much like I'm asking for advice.

 If you like the look of this toilet, and would like to visit it, you can do so at this address (we haven't been there ourselves, but we checked out the menu on the website and it looks d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! And what's more, the Blue Bicycle occupies a building that used to house a brothel!):

The Blue Bicycle Restaurant
34 Fossgate
York YO1 9TA
Tel: 01904 673990

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