Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Vidal Sassoon: Cutting-edge Conveniences

We have long been in favour of the pleasant and stylish design, user-friendliness and hygiene of Vidal Sassoon salon toilets (and we have been to quite a few over the years). We recently visited the Sassoon Academy in Davies Mews, off Bond Street, and consequently have the pleasure of bringing our eager readers a review of the conveniences there.

This is the kind of coat-hook we like! Stylish, sturdy and more than capable
of holding our rucksack as well as our favourite leather jacket!

The soap was pleasant, but what filled our heart with soaring joy was the mixer tap!

Hygienically covered, plain white toilet paper.
The bin is extremely hygienic and placed at a convenient and practical distance from the bog user

Not a water-saving flush, but easy to use even for those who are manually challenged, like us,
or short of stature, like other people
We can sum this up as a lovely toilet! The air-dryer (not pictured) unfortunately shaves off a point, leaving this barber's bog with a total sum of 9 points.
May we recommend a visit to Vidal Sassoon not merely on the strength of the excellence of their toilets, but also the friendliness, skill, and sheer, unadulterated genius of their staff?

Sassoon Academy
15 Davies Mews
London W1K 5AA
T: +44 (0) 20 7399 6902

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